Recent events have been impacting all of our lives. We’ve been monitoring this closely and have made changes to how we work for several weeks now. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least.

The support and kindness shown by you our guests has been truly heartwarming, we thank you for being patient and understanding at this time.


With an ever evolving situation we want our guests to rest assured we have their interests at heart. We need to keep adjusting this policy due to the new situations which arise.

When booking a 2020 holiday direct with Ocean Holidays Cornwall you can rest assured if further national travel restrictions are reinstated that prevent Ocean Holidays Cornwall from honouring your holiday a full credit for the amount paid or a refund will be offered.

When booking a 2020 holiday direct with Ocean Holidays Cornwall you can rest assured if there are local restrictions in the location you are travelling to, the property location, that prevent Ocean Holidays Cornwall from honouring your holiday a full credit for the amount paid or a refund will be offered.

For all other situations we strongly recommend travel insurance, there are now policies covering COVID-19 and we suggest you review these to find a suitable policy.


We’re here to make your holiday amazing and cleanliness in 2020 will play an even bigger role than usual.

It’s all about trust, do you trust us to make your property safe?

Let’s be honest you won’t be seeing what we clean and how we clean it, it’s behind the scenes and often invisible. But our robust procedures and careful planning will leave you reassured, we’ll even make our checklists public. We’re taking it very seriously and so is our team. And if you have any questions talk to us on 01736 806173 and we can give you all the time and advice you need, we’re involved in every part of this business and can tell you each step of our cleaning plan if you want.

What are you doing to reduce the risk to us, the guest? 

We’ve been delving into WHO, PASC, HSE and .GOV and using them as our resources. We’ve also been on an infection control course to fully understand the risks of transmission. Here are some snippets of things we’ll be doing.

– Individual property COVID-19 risk assessments.

– All high contact areas are cleaned and disinfected carefully with the correct products, including disinfectants to BS EN 14476 standards that are not available in supermarkets and will have a log rate of at least 5.

– Our servicing team will have a health questionnaire and temperature check at the start of each day.

– Each member of staff will be provided with suitable PPE, a fresh set for each property they enter.

– We will wash all kitchen items in the dishwasher or in hot water and soap, every changeover.

– We will remove high risk items such as loose tea bags, board games and children’s toys.

– We use a colour coded cleaning system ensuring the right cloth is used with the right product in the right place.

–  Our linen is washed at high temperatures, ironed at 170c, packed by PPE’d operatives and transported in clean bags in clean vans.

– Hand washing is one of the most effective ways of breaking the infection chain. Our staff are actively encouraged to regularly wash their hands with hot water and soap and top up between washes with hand sanitiser.

– We will work to the Government COVID-19 Secure guidelines when released for our industry.

How will I be affected as a guest? 

We will require our guests to adhere to some new policies, by doing so you are helping reduce the spread of infection and keeping out staff safe, so all for a good cause.

– Check-in 5pm or 6pm depending on property. The extra cleaning time is required to meet the new standards and we do ask that there are no early arrivals to assist with reducing face to face contact.

– Check-out – 9am and a text to our team to let us know you have departed. We request departures are extremely timely to reduce the risk of face to face contact with staff.

– Beds and towels stripped and placed in provided bags (disinfected prior to your arrival) prior to departure.

– Zero food waste or washing up to be left in property.

– Zero rubbish or recycling in property, all to be placed in external provided bins.

– We understand sometimes you need our help during your stay, we’re here to do so but the emphasis will be on avoiding face to face contact at all times, a call out will only be provided for essential emergencies. There may be additional requirements in the event of a call out. We are of course here to help on the phone and will happily give as much friendly advice as possible to you.

– To make the properties as safe as possible we will be removing certain items, particularly those that are hard to clean. For example boardgames, buckets and spades and certain loose soft furnishings. This will be dependant on the property and feel free to ask our team for assistance and guidance on any items that may have been removed.

– We recommend that our guests bring their own ‘supermarket’ food and supplies with them. To reduce lengthy queue times in Cornwall and with a lack of delivery slots this will be beneficial to all. Please do support our wonderful local shops though, we have fantastic bakeries, delis, farm shops and more that will be open and welcoming visitors.

What if I have symptoms of COVID-19? 

To ensure the wellbeing of our guests, staff and contractors if you or any of your party are showing symptoms as described by the UK Government Advice you must not enter the property.

If you have symptoms during your stay you must get tested and the result must be presented to us, Ocean Holidays Cornwall. If positive the guest must leave immediately if this is reasonably possible. If for any reason it is not, and self isolation is required to take place at the property, then all fees for all bookings affected by this self-isolation will be borne by the guest.


Our customer service team is now working remotely with the main telephone lines being diverted, this does mean only one call can be taken at a time but we feel this is a sensible precaution. We are working very long days to try and keep on top of demand, you may receive call backs outside of normal office hours for example.

We will always provide the best advice we can and we do take verbal abuse very seriously, it will not be tolerated under any circumstance.


If you have booked via an alternative channel such as HomeAway or AirBnB your cancellation terms and other policies may be different to the above. Please contact the relevant sites for more information and if you require any assistance please message us through the respective messaging boards.

AirBnB COVID-19 Policy –

HomeAway COVID-19 Policy –

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