Creating the best memories in Cornwall

What’s your favourite childhood holiday memory? Or do you have many? A sound, taste, or smell that evokes a carefree time you spend on holiday…

Times that make you feel warm inside when remising later on in life.

And that got me thinking, what are those holiday Hygge (Danish for fun) moments that we can recall? And how do we build those same simplistic moments in our lives today, with our families and children, when we have so much technology and everything seems so sophisticated these days?

My own children have been bought up on family holidays in Cornwall. We always left early and just after dawn we would stop for breakfast with just an hour left of the journey, an hour until we reached our happy place.

As soon as we parked up I would warn the children not to go in the sea as the towels were packed away, it fell on deaf ears of course. They promised they would just dip their toes in the sea, 5 minutes later they would return drenched in water, head to toe, proclaiming there was a huge wave and it wasn’t their fault!

The excitement of walking along the harbour front, buying an Ice cream in winter always feels a little naughty. Totally wrong from a dieticians opinion, but totally right when your on holiday. Where else would you look perfectly ok eating an ice cream in December in the UK?

And you mustn’t forget to collect the odd shell, to take home and place in your bathroom as family tradition, a token gesture of the trip, a pebble will also suffice. Just the one though!

The big highlight always has to be the run down to the beach to the sea for a big splash adventure, bodyboarding, wave jumping, swimming or even surfing for the thrill seekers, it has to be done, and what if it’s raining? All the better, the question is will you wear a wetsuit or be super brave and bare all to the element’s in just your swimwear?

You will feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

It’s all about creating precious memories, I asked my own children what are their favourite holiday memories  on our visits to Cornwall (we came a least 5 times a year) “Too many to mention,” replied one of them.

The other replied, “I loved the freedom of walking along the harbour, getting freezing cold in the sea and warming up in our holiday let, with blankets hot chocolate and cookies.”

I felt satisfied, I had succeeded in creating good childhood memories if nothing else!

Ashleigh Jenkins

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